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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ethrington Brothers Trip to Birmingham Airport

A number of children in year 5 & 6 attended a trip to Birmingham Airport yesterday.  This is Emmanouil's and Ibrahim's  account of the morning:

We talked about stories and the 6 most  important things you need to include in a story; A setting, characters,time, new ideas and old ideas and event.The workshop was about key features to create a fun,imaginative story.We also met the Ethrington brothers Lorenzo and Robin.

Tunes Times Tables

We've had a fantastic morning with NK.  We sang our hearts out in assembly in preparation for our Guiness World Record attempt next year,  We are very proud of ourselves for learning all of our times tables and that's all thanks to NK for inspiring us and making it so much fun.
A special well done to William who taught the whole of KS2 the 7 times table.

Thanks NK!